10 Tips for Communicating with Your Administrator

10 Tips for Communicating with Your Administrator


As a new teacher it may take you some time to learn the ropes in terms of communicating with your administrator.  You may feel awkward about when you should talk to them, how to approach them, and whether it needs to be in person or in writing.  That’s normal.  With experience it will become easier.

Until then, look to your colleagues’ example and run things by them first if you’re unsure.  Many times, what you think is a question for your administrator can be answered by someone else. 



That said, there are times where it is necessary to address your questions, concerns, or simply share information with your administrator directly.  Here are some guidelines I recommend for developing productive communication with administrators:

  •  If it doesn’t need to be a conversation, send an email.
  •  If it is of an urgent nature outside of the school day, send a text.
  •  If you have a concern that you want to address, come with a solution.
  •  Never message admin on social media about things that are school related.
  •  If you need something signed, drop it in their school mailbox.
  •  If you’re expecting a parent to go to them, give them the heads up as soon as possible - especially if the parent is upset.
  •  If you make a mistake, tell them, and move on.
  •  If they seem short with you or dismissive, it’s not about you. Something else is going on in the school that is occupying their attention.  Don’t take it personally.
  •  If they ask you to stop by their office at some point, do not assume the worst. They probably just remembered that they needed to talk to you and didn’t want to forget.
  •  Always assume good intent. 


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