At teacherEDU we know it's tough navigating the challenges in teaching.


We also know that there isn't enough support or guidance for teachers new to the profession.

 We're here to help!

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If you're feeling overwhelmed by the demands of the role and aren't getting the support you need, we can help.


As a member of our private community you'll feel supported, valued, and will be among friends who understand your daily reality as a teacher.



teacherEDU offers many opportunities for our members to:

Engage with others who understand your day-to-day realities as a teacher. Find comfort in a professional network you can turn to with questions, away from the spotlight of social media.  

Get support and guidance with today's teaching challenges and feel confident that you have the knowledge, understanding, and skills to excel in the classroom.

Learn and develop your skills in ways that fit with your busy schedule, in a format that works best for you.  Grow your areas of expertise and learn about topics that are timely for you.


After 25 years of teaching, I understand first-hand the realities of our current education system.

During my career, I mentored many new teachers and understand the challenges new teachers face. I am passionate about helping you feel empowered and equipped for your role in education.

You don't have to figure things out alone.

I can help.

Kind Words


As a new teacher, Shannon was an amazing resource for me!  Her guidance and support to develop strategies to meet the needs of struggling learners, have difficult conversations with parents, and in general, navigate the overwhelming nature of the role as a new teacher were invaluable.

Paige, New Special Education Teacher

teacherEDU will help you find your grove and love teaching.

Choose how you learn best and let's get started...

Take a self-paced learning journey with our Teaching, Made Easier online courses. They are packed full of easy-to-use tools & strategies that will help you navigate the most common teaching challenges. We know your time is valuable, so these on-demand trainings are always available when you are.

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Are you looking for support and guidance to navigate the overwhelming demands placed on you as a teacher?  Our teacher mentorship program is fully customizable to your specific needs and learning interests. Get the 1:1 support your looking for today.


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Join us for a deep dive into the topics and themes discussed in the book, New Teacher Confidential: What They Didn't Tell You About Being a Teacher.  Learn what every new teacher really needs to know to be successful, find balance, and enjoy a career in education.


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Start connecting with other new teachers, participating in our online forum, and attending our virtual  learning socials.

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Decide which format works best for you?

Do you prefer to learn 1:1 or in a group?  Live or on-demand and at your own pace?

We have options to meet your individual learning preferences.

Choose from:

  • on-demand courses that help you with the most common teaching challenges and prepare you with strategies and resources
  • read the book New Teacher Confidential: What They Didn't Tell You About Being a Teacher and join us for a book talk
  • work 1:1 with Shannon as part of our teacher mentorship program
  • join our monthly virtual community meet-ups

Which works best for you?  Take action and start today!

Find your grove and love teaching!

Being a new teacher is hard.  Stop worrying and losing sleep.  TAKE ACTION instead.  We're here to help.

Be the teacher you always wanted to be.  Love life and your job.

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I'm Shannon.

I've been there also.

I've experienced first-hand the realities of our current education system and the demands placed on teachers.

Over my 25-year career in education, I mentored many new teachers and understand the unique challenges new teachers face.

Now I'm on a mission to empower and equip new teachers with the tools needed to be effective and enjoy teaching.

If you're struggling to manage the workload and navigate the challenges, I can help.


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